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 Xala Raal

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PostSubject: Xala Raal   Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:36 am

``Name;; Xala Raal
``Nicknames;; none
``Age;; 24
``Gender;; female
``Species;; demon (Cobra)
``Magic? (Y/N);; basic illusion and shadow
``Home Country;; Revera
``Sexual Orientation;; hetero


``What does the Character look like?;;

Xala carries a 5'7" agile, athletic build that would have completely diminished any feminine qualities had it not been for her genetics. Several henna-esque and ornate black tattoos lace her hands and feet, as well as a large one on her back that resembles that of the hood of a cobra. Her hair is mid-back long and thick with curls and waves. It is a dark sandy, golden color that compliments her warm, tan skin. Her eyes are a bright amber with a strange green iridescent gleam over them, like a film. In her demonic form, she takes on the form of a large black cobra. As a supernatural being, her true form is constantly increasing in size and power, though that growth is slow. Presently, she reaches 16 feet in length.



snakes, history, warmth, progress, being sore, challenges, learning, chocolate


the cold, cats, being told she can't do something, guessing, bullies, people who complain all the time, being touched


physically strong, swift, and flexible. can move almost complete silence. dedication and drive help her to excel. naturally carries a powerful toxin that can be transferred through biting or spitting.


The temperature can have a major affect on her concentration and speed. Cold atmosphere makes her movements slow and sluggish unless she really bundles up! Cannot cross moving water and reacts negatively to magical residue that is not her own. She may not be easy to manipulate, but her pridefulness can lead her to make bad decisions. She is quick to anger and acts aggressively if provoked.


Being helpless, being in large crowds of people unconcealed, being grabbed--particularly from behind.


Her species and lifestyle (conceals herself when in public)

``Personality;; What are they like?

Xala is an intense creature, though she does not enjoy being the center of attention. She is stubborn and works hard to please her Master. She can be outgoing if coaxed out of her shell, just don't expect that to be easy. She has a hard time embracing her femininity and has a strange fascination with beauty. Not that she dwells on it, but (if concealed by the shadows and garb) she could find entertainment in observing ladies in their "natural habitat". However, physical improvement with athletics and assassinship training are first and foremost on her agenda of important things. Learning to be pretty can be practiced later. Despite her intensity, Xala can actually be pleasant company. While she prefers to be alone a majority of the time, she makes a loyal friend and follower.


Born to a nomadic family, she was given away a few years after birth. Part of her resents her parents for giving her up so easily based on the assumptions of what she would become, but part of her thanks them for it. Demon spawn were not embraced in that culture, and superstitions led people to do stupid and dangerous things. She was lucky she was allowed to live. Among that hard feelings that come with not being wanted by her own family was the joy of being where she was now. Had her family wanted to raise a creature from the underworld, Xala would not have been found by Shayd and would probably being herding goats while struggling to not slaughter them all.

``Anything else you'd like to add;;

Most proficient at the scimitar and bladed whip.

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PostSubject: Re: Xala Raal   Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:16 pm

awww your picture didn't load! Accepted nevertheless Very Happy
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Xala Raal
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