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PostSubject: Vampire   Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:10 pm


They can either be born or created.

In a birthing situation, the baby will take the form of the mother, regardless of the father's race.

A vampire can only be created through the blood ritual though. Not only do they have to be bitten, but the vampire to be must drink the blood of the one who bit them .

Vampires are vulnerable to sunlight, but they don't burst into flames or sparkle. They get the same treatment as they would if the light were some very powerful lazer that burns on contact. With prolonged exposure, death is a given, but it can be avoided by wearing thick clothing and staying in dark shade.

Vampires are not dead. They are living in a very slowed down state. They see the world in the same time as normal, but their organs are moving at a remarkably slower rate. Vampires are vulnerable to dormant magic. Magic in it's raw form will force the vampire to feel pain the closer it gets tot the object. Objects that have been filled with magic, or have a tendency to do so naturally will make the Vampire sick. The are not able to enter places like Mage schools because of all the magical relics and magical residue inside. (Like Hallowed grounds in our own folk lore)

Life span: Once they are turned, they live forever.
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