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PostSubject: Humans   Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:00 pm

Humans are the most numerous amongst the species of Aeternus in most countries. They are a very adaptable race with only a few disadvantages. Humans vary greatly in appearance and personality and depend solely on the individual. The human's adaptability serve them well in their occupations, as they can be found in most lines of work. There are also magic users among them.

Homeland: Humans can be found in many places of Aeternus though they tend to favour temperate lands and avoid the extremely hot or cold ones.

Life cycle: Birth comes after nine months of gestation by the women. Twins are rare.
From 0 to 12 - Childhood
From 12 to 16 - Adolescence
From 16 to 19 - Young Adulthood
From 19 to 45 - Adulthood
From 45 to 60 - Elders, childbirths at that age are next to impossible.
From 60 to 70 - Death, typically of old age. Only rare exceptions manage to live longer.
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