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 The Magocracy of Alar'ai

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PostSubject: The Magocracy of Alar'ai   Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:35 am

Geography: The Magocracy can be found north of the Caernevian River, north of Revera and between the Ancore Imperium and the Republic of Luxur. Most cities can be found along the Caernevian River, with most of the land made of forests and grasslands. The capital of the Magocracy is the ruined city of Doh Alar, where its broken towers are still said to hold many secrets.

Economy: Other than farming and wood exports, Alar'ai is also the prime crafter of magical relics and other items. Creations from Alar'ai are priceless and only the richest can hope to gain such an item. The Alar'aians are jealous of their crafts and none may teach them outside of Alar'ai.

Society: In Alar'ai, magic is everything. The magicless are seen as little more than animals, with humans making up for the greatest part of these people. They are slaves to the mages, with no hope of greater life. Above them are the mages, with the lower mages humans while the most powerful are elves and fae. They jealously guard their secrets and always attempt to increase their power. The true power struggles, however, are done between the Six Towers in Doh Alar. While part of the Academy of Magic, a great center of magical knowledge, the Six Towers are groups divided according to their magical specialization. Each vie for supremacy and for the Seventh Tower, the tower of the Archmage, ruler of Alar'ai.
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The Magocracy of Alar'ai
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