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 Signal Brighteyes

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PostSubject: Signal Brighteyes   Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:32 pm

``Name;; Signal Brighteyes
``Nicknames;; None
``Age;; 29
``Gender;; Male
``Species;; Human/Corrupted
``Magic? (Y/N);; N
``Home Country;; Leros
``Sexual Orientation;; Straight

Appearance Signal has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He is 5’11 with a lean muscular build. He is permanently marked by the Corruption in his veins via a corrupted eye with streaking black skin that bleeds down to cover his left arm and over the top left quarter of his torso. His left eye, being corrupted, is black in color with what looks to be a swirling mass of light. When enflamed, the body becomes black, the skin cracked with the same light exuding from it.


``Likes;; Enjoys nature, the grass and sun, loves to ride his horse and is good with children.

``Dislikes;; People’s prejudices against him, the taste of tomatos, men who think they are stronger than they are.

``Strengths;; Excellent archer as well as sword and shield man. Is capable of dual wielding swords, but his strength is in his shield. The corruption acts as an instant sealant to wounds when harmed. Is also a strong swimmer

``Weaknessess;; When the corruption stops being dominant, his body is left torn and bleeding. Highly vulnerable. Isn’t heavily armored, so many weakspots in defense.

``Fears;; Of never being able to return to his family. Of being fully taken over by the corruption and becoming feral.

``Secrets;; His secret is how he came to be corrupted.

``Personality;; What are they like? Sig is considered to be a man who is deeply fascinated with honor. He believes that a fight should be handled between two men, not two armies. With that said, he is also heavily morally good. He will not allow something bad to happen to someone undeserving while he is around. If he can kill the person causing harm, he will. Overall, Signal is a fun guy to have around, and will back a person in the right until he is dead himself.

``History;; Signal was born into a city full of men wanting to be fighters. They were born, bred, and wed to the sound of steel clashing. Sig began his training at the age of 6 and went on until he was 18. From there, he entered the military and began to fight his way to leadership. He wasn’t given his ranking to Captain of the platoon by following orders. He got there through making the strategies that required no orders. He gained the respect of his men more so than the one above him which gained him the honor of promotion.

His military career was in full swing at the age of 26 when he was sent to check on a sister city that had gone dark at the edge of the Woodlands. Upon marching to the gates, he noticed a strange black tar in the city. They walked around the entire city and didn’t meet a single person, just more of the tar like substance. Saturn and his 1000 men had just entered when Saturn’s horse got spooked and he fell into the black stuff arm and face first. The parts of him that landed in it became permanently stained while the rest of him became convulsed by the Corruption entering his body.

Signal awoke a day later to find that his army he’d brought was in shambles. All but 100 of the men had vanished. And the ones that survived were like Signal… stained by the Corruption.

They returned home only to be cast out as no good and “unclean” many superstitious believe that the 100 sold their souls to survive and now were militants of the damned. That was not the case though and Saturn was determined to show them otherwise. They now travel the lands, all 100, trying to win back their honor. Finally ending up in the land of Shayz'renth.

Signal managed to break apart from them and traveled on his own, working as a mercenary in Shayz'renth until finding love and his daughter, whom he had created during one of his marches in his youth with an elven woman. He met a vampress named Catherine Lafayette, and through a matter of internal destruction of the city, packed up and moved to his home continent of Aeternus.
``Anything else you'd like to add;;Noooooope

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PostSubject: Re: Signal Brighteyes   Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:23 pm

He looks great! Except for a slight detail; Doine is nowhere near the Cremea Woodlands (I take for granted that those were the Woodlands you were referring to) it would have to be a generic woodland, or something like that. Otherwise it's fine!
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Signal Brighteyes
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