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 Kings' Isles

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PostSubject: Kings' Isles   Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:43 am

Geography: A group of islands to the Northeast of the Cremea Woodlands, though close to them. While islands, they are large enough to keep a good population, though the area possesses a harsh climate, with ever present dark clouds. Other than the Islanders themselves, few other species live amongst the dire rocks of the Kings' Isles.

Economy: The islands' primary ressources come from its mines, which are exploited by those captured in raids. While iron, copper and other such metals are exploited, the Isles' are known for their sources of black iron, a more flexible sort of iron named so because of its dark colour. The wood needed for their ships is taken from the nearby Cremea Woodlands, and is mostly the work of slaves called "Thralls" amongst the Islanders. The work of Islanders is mostly done raiding and pillaging the costs, bringing back captives to the Kings' Isles to work in the mines or be used as servants. They are also known to trade their ressources, especially black iron, to other kingdoms. Due to the many factions of the Kings' Isles, however, such trade arrangements are unsure at best.

Society: Those islands are the home of fierce raiders and pirates, and know no law except the one of their King, a man whose House is strong and powerful enough to keep rule. Kings' Isles is very factional and at the death of it's present King, the House leaders and captains will elect a new King, not necessarily from the same house as the previous. This event typically leads to much sledded blood and arrangements made. The Islanders are also very male-dominant in their relationships between genders. An Islander can take an Isle wife, who is his prime wife, and other Sea wives, who are mostly concubines. Female captains are almost unheard of, and women as a whole rarely hold much positions of power. If there is an ambitious woman, she typically has to quench her amibtions through her husband. It is also worth noting that while they have a King, Islander captains rule on their ships. Their word is law and they are at the mercy of his every whim.

Since the creation of the Imperium, the Kings' Isles have lost their access to the Vald'or shores, as the Imperium Navy's presence was greatly increased. They instead tend to raid Revera's coast and the other coastal kingdoms.
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Kings' Isles
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