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 The Ancore Imperium

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PostSubject: The Ancore Imperium   Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:02 pm

Geography:The Ancore Imperium is a giant country composed of the combined kingdoms of Mace, Doine, Erynm, Vald'or and, of course, Ancore itself. Ancore is at the heart of the empire, bordered to the West by the Westeroise Sea and sharing borders with Mace to the South, Doine to the East and Erynm to the North. It is a temperate land with heavy forests and fertile lands in the West. To the North the land begins to be filled with low hills and eventually mountains as it reaches the Erynm border. North of the borders, the land of Erynm is composed mostly of hills and giant mountains, thought to be inaccessible by any army. Erynm is bordered to the East by the Moltasse Lake and the Godohrim Flatlands, and to the West by the Westeroise Sea. To the North, separated by the Howling Peaks, are the Fell Wastes, uninhabited lands with little or no resources devoid of sentient life and with only a few animal species living there. Erynm is known for its rich mines and harsh climate. Snow can be seen in this country, though rarely reaching higher than a man's calf. To the South is the land of Mace, a flat yet very fertile land bordered like Ancore to the West by the Westeroise Sea, to the South by Everdusk and East by Doine and Vald'or. There are very few hills or forests in Mace, most of its land used instead for farming. While the other countries provinces of the Imperium possess an access to the sea, Doine is completely landlocked. It is fortunate enough to have amongst its hills plenty of gold mines that more than compensate for its lack of access to the sea. It is bordered to the West by Mace and South by Vald'or. Vald'or is a province depending heavily on sea trade, surrounded by sea on all sides except for its shared border with Doine and Mace. It is a warm country, the surrounding waters ensuring a stable yearly temperature near the shores. The ground is covered in sand in the southern parts of the region.

Economy: The Ancore Imperium as a whole possess a strong and varied economy with trading between the provinces and with other neighbour countries. What natural resources the Imperium does not have, it imports and transforms the resource in goods to export, for greater profit. The Empire's income is controlled by the administration, which uses said income to maintain the army, technological research, maintaining of the road networks, construction and other areas required for the Imperium to function properly. The Lord-Emperor nonethless has the final say in the Imperium's spending policy, as in all things.

Society: The Imperium is devoted to their leader, the Lord-Emperor. Loyalty is found and required in all its citizens, from commoner to nobleman. It is also heavily enforced by constantly propaganda and brainwashing tactics to ensure the continued obedience of its citizens, while also keeping said citizens moderately free and most of all, happy. However, even in hard times the people tend to focus their frustration on someone else than their leader. There are also many Imperial factions, all serving the Lord-Emperor in different ways.

Factions: Imperial Administration; the administration is there to oversee the economical well being of the Imperium. Its leader is the Prime Administrator, and is part of the Imperial Council who make their reports to the Lord-Emperor. Like all citizens of the Imperium however, loyalty to the Lord-Emperor is demanded and the Administrator's authority is only as long as the Lord-Emperor wishes. The Administrator has no power over the other factions of the Imperium.

Imperial Judicar: They are the Empire's lawmen and women, upholders of the law and servants of the Lord-Emperor. They ensure that the Lord-Emperor's law is maintained at all time and possess the power to arrest both commoner and nobleman. The Imperial Judicar also has the power to judge and sentence criminals, though always their power depends on the Lord-Emperor's will. The High Judicar is their leader and seats at the Imperial Council.

Imperial Army: The soldiers of the Imperium, they are ready to die for their Lord-Emperor. Highly disciplined, trained and equipped, the Imperial Army is a fine one. It is divided in legions and possesses one High General, who seats at the Council. In grand campaigns, however, the Army is led by the Lord-Emperor himself.

Imperial Navy: As strong as its ground army is, the Imperium would not be the power it currently is without a great navy. The ships of the Imperium are a dreaded sight among the other coastal countries, for their arrival are heralds of conflicts from which the Ancore Imperium is often victorious. They Navy possesses one Grand Admiral, who seats at the Council. The Lord-Emperor may choose to lead the Navy himself.

Emperor's Voices: They are the emissaries of the Imperium in foreign countries. They are also responsible for propaganda within the Imperium. Their leader is the First Voice and seats at the Council.

Emperor's Eyes: They are the Lord-Emperor's spies, assassins and torturers. They have a reputation to be extremely efficient and zealous in their devotion to the Lord-Emperor. They also have the duty to root out traitors and any form of resistance within the Imperium. Their leader is the First Eye, who also seats at the Council.

Imperial Crows: Highly secretive, they are the instigators of civil wars and conflict in foreign countries, sent out to prepare the way for the Lord-Emperor's conquests. It is not rare for the Crows to be deployed years in advance. Their existence is unknown even to the citizens of the Imperium.

Religion: The Imperium does not favour any religion, as faith in the Lord-Emperor and the loyalty he requires leave no place for Gods. Being a religious person is a good way in the Imperium to come under the watch of the Imperial Eyes and meet a painful death.

Communications and transportations: The Ancore Imperium posesses a vast network of paved roads and highways, patrolled by the Imperial Judicar. Carriages and horses are the primary means of transportation, though walking for short distances is not unheard of. Communications are made through the use of bird messengers or, for those with the money and power, mind mages. The Imperium possesses a great network of such mages directly under the command of the Lord-Emperor, and are used primarly to coordinate military campaigns.
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The Ancore Imperium
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