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PostSubject: Revera   Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:12 pm

Revera is a country split down the center by mountains. The rain likes to hit the mountain side on one side and therefor only rain on the eastern side. The western side has arid weather and climate, with scarse rains. They are known for their savannah and desert areas. The eastern uses it's plentiful water to grow crops, and make large cities with plenty of merchants and shops all around. The two sides were once two separate countries, but over time due to heavy trade between them, and a need for cooperation against the countries around them during war, they chose to live under one banner of Revera.

Politics: Revera once unified, was ruled under a single king who was picked for his just and prowess as a general. His son, and grandson however, brought pain and suffering down on their subjects and caused a great rebellion. The king was ousted, and a Regent was appointed until the new Parliamentary government could be created. The Regent will be appointed the first Prime Minister once the correct panel has come together.
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