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 Trever Valens

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Trever Valens


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PostSubject: Trever Valens   Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:40 am

``Name;; Tyrantos Venser or more commonly, "Trever Valens"
``Nicknames;; Trev, T-Valz
``Age;; 75
``Gender;; Male
``Species;; Dragon (Moutain)
``Magic? (Y/N);; No
``Home Country;; Revera
``Sexual Orientation;; Straight

``What does the Character look like?;;

Though given the birth name of Tyrantos Venser, the male dragon will typically take on a mortal form and go by the name Trever Valens. This is in order to avoid all connections to the Venser bloodline and protect the secret that runs through his veins. This form appears very human, like a young male no older than the age of 25. Light skin is wrapped over perfectly toned muscles, giving a perfect touch to attract other humanoid members of the opposite sex. Spherical gems of almost oceanic blue-grey line the pupils of the male's eyes while a dark patch of short choppy hair covers his head. Trever stands at about six feet and two inches tall and weighs at almost a solid two hundred pounds. Aside from the typical strong and lean male figure, not much else is out of the ordinary about this individual.

The Venser dragon bloodline is that of a more rare and even exotic breed of dragon, far from the appearance of those more typical in these parts. Being so visually distant from others of his kind, Tyrantos is one of the few of his family actually ashamed of his true form, which is why he sticks to a form more common to others around him. Unwilling to allow his secret heritage to show by any means, he had also changed his name to Trever Valens as a further cover up. But no amount of human features or fake names can hide what he is. The Venser dragon is known for their physical closeness to feline structure and patterns, while maintaining the shape of a dragon of more exotic myth. The influence behind Trever's true form in particular shows tiger features and patterns with a long reptilian body, legs, and tail. The more exotic dragon features show in the horns and the pair of long whiskers that trail down either side of his face, also with hints of a mane growing around the neck. The male is still very young for the growing stages of a dragon, so his true body on all fours is only about the size of a standing person.


-Women and activities that involve them
-Showing off
-Being able to let loose and have fun
-Putting people in their place when necessary
-Being praised

-Other show offy men
-Other Dragons
-People who talk down or act superior to himself or others

-Physically Strong
-Fast and Agile
-Flirtatious and Alluring
-Great sense of hearing, sight, smell, direction

-Self conscious in his true form
-Easily distracted by the opposite sex
-Not as large or strong as other dragons, being so young
-Extremely Arrogant
-Never asks for help on his own
-Seldom and reluctantly uses his true form

-Anyone finding out that he is a dragon of the Venser bloodline.
-Being judged or seen as different by others, especially friends.
-Having to submit or be a slave to anyone.
-Losing those who are close to him.
-Unintentionally hurting people that are close to him.

-He is a dragon. Keeps this hidden because he is ashamed of what he is. Much prefers the 'mortal' life anyway.
-Has a secret soft spot for kids and has a high respect for mothers
-Is jealous of more 'typical' dragons
-His dead ex wife and kids. Likes to pretend such things never existed for the sake of his own sanity
-His favorite color is purple, but tells others its red or blue, which both make purple.

``Personality;; What are they like?
Most dragons are interested in wealth in their shiniest forms. This one however, is more into nature's most simple form of pleasure. Having the attention of opposite sex is certainly a driving force behind the male's behavior. Since Trever is a young dragon, not much else in the world really matters to him. He tries not to care or get into the affairs of others, whether they be individuals or whole countries. Often times he can come off as arrogant or even a little rude, but giving this complex male another look can prove more than satisfying. The male has the do it yourself kind of attitude with most things and will never ask for another persons help. However, the young dragon finds it hard to deny another's request for assistance. By no means does he come across as friendly at the start of any relationship, but Trever can and will be another's most loyal friend in just a few days of interaction. Having such a huge heart can often take its toll and this dragon is no stranger to heartbreak or even betrayal. Being hurt can often cause him to shut down or become distant, no matter the situation. If one can look passed this individual's crude and stubborn behavior, they will realize that Trever is a great friend and a reliable ally.


Tyrantos Venser was born from two full blooded dragon parents, Krios Venser and Elaina Corellon. Born and raised in the mountains of Revera, the male was not typically among other beings besides his parents. For the most part Krios was a proud dragon of the Venser bloodline. He was often seen in his true form, a mighty four legged beast that resembled a long reptile like lion more so than a dragon. Elaina however was more often seen in her mortal form. Her true form though was a sight to behold, far different from her mate's form. She was an ice blue dragon that appeared even larger and stronger than Krios did. Unknown to their child, the mother was actually the older of the two. But appearing so much larger and more powerful had discouraged the young dragon, because he had obviously inherited his father's feline like form. Tyrantos was more or less secretly thinking that he would never be as powerful as other dragons. Making this connection at such a young age forced him to become distant from both his parents, and even his true form. He would enter his mortal form for long periods of time and explore the mountains on foot this way. He became far stronger than any other mortal just through this activity alone.

At first Tyrantos was a sheltered and refined, always climbing the mountains and never straying too far from the cave he grew up in. But curiosity grew rapidly as the young dragon became older, making him become more daring and less obedient to his father's wishes to never descend either side of the mountains. Tyrantos had discovered the Merchant side of Revera one day. Still in the mountains, he looked down upon the mortal civilization. It was a very intriguing sight to behold, seeing structures and full grown societies of other people in one place. The young beast knew nothing of social interactions and had almost began to believe the world was only filled with the very occasional dragon or two. He never fathomed that he shared this world with other creatures who actually lived together in harmony. His father and mother were not reluctant to fill their son's curiosity with knowledge of this new found society, however they still advised him never to go down there on his own. But once out of earshot of his father, his mother promised that the two would go and mingle with the mortals later in the week. This excited to child to no end.

And his mother kept her promise. The two went down to the merchant district, taking on their human forms. Tyrantos was twenty years old at the time, so he appeared almost like his mother's husband rather than her son. She made him aware of this, and also shared wisdom that keeping his identity a secret would prove better than going around and claiming to be a dragon. Tyrantos learned how to be an actor more or less, playing fake parts in order to keep the two's true being under wraps. Things were simpler this way indeed. Once a week the two would go to the Merchant side of Revera, until about ten years passed. Humans were supposed to age and they did not do so. In order to keep their secret they had to stop being seen, and avoid comments of appearing so young. During his time among mortals, Tyrantos began to realize why the nature of his was so vital to keep secret. Dragon's were uncommon. But of them, his blood was among the rarest. Who knew what one could or would want to do knowing of his heritage. Things were in fact simpler this way, being hidden.

But then Tyrantos made the decision to even ignore that side of him. He would live out his entire life among mortals and be just like any other human in the crowd. At about thirty years of age now, Tyrantos had decided to leave the nest. His father wasn't happy of this news at all, and wondered how his son would even be able to live on his own, still oblivious to his mate allowing him in these mortal lands he had forbid them all from. Though proud of where he came from, Krios was extremely scared of what humanity could do. Unlike his son, he rather abandon all other interactions in order to keep himself and his family a secret. Obviously this was where Tyrantos was very different from his father, seeing as he would much prefer leading the mortal life and living among them while keeping his true form a secret. He explained this to Krios. To say the least, the older male was appalled. Even though his son had intentions of leaving anyway, Krios banished him from the cave and threatened to kill him if he were to step onto the mountains again. So the young dragon left, after sharing some harsh last words with his father. He said goodbye to his mother and then went on to start his new life.

Tyrantos, who now took on the name Trever, first ended up simply moving to the other side of Revera, where the deserts were harsh and arid. Growing up in such a temperamental climate, the dessert was a new challenge, but nothing impossible. His presence was much respected and regarding among the group of only about ten other mortal beings who were nomads of these wastelands. Trever did his bit, finding food and water and pulling his weight around camp. The young male was certainly the strongest, but by no means took any responsibility for any other individual but himself. Roles of leadership were new to him, but he knew enough to be a follower for now. Life was less complicated that way. But the decisions of those in charge were not exactly within the best interest of the greater good of the rest of the group. With his strong nature to help others, Trever stood up for those who were not spoken for. He learned to challenge authority this way, no longer tolerating anyone else's bullshit more or less.

It was not too much longer before the strong willed and able bodied seemingly young male had caught the eye of a young woman in the group, Catalina. Her father, Yosef, was an older man who was never challenged, and seeing someone who finally did had obviously demanded her attention. Being the only relatively attractive woman in the nomad group it could be said that Trever had an eye on her too. Love was something the young dragon had never experienced. His parents never spoke much of such things, strangely enough. The mortals he visited on the Merchant side however spoke highly of the feelings shared between a man and a woman. Trever knew what they were, and what such feelings would accomplish down the road. Looking back, the young dragon found it ironic how he learned more life lessons from mortals than from his own coward father.

Catalina and Trever had become close, to put it shortly. Her father didn't exactly like it, but as much was to be expected since this young male was the only one who could actually stand up to him. Trever had more or less taken and discovered many qualities about himself from speaking to Yosef though. They were both so stubborn and tense, always guarding others and staying on their toes. The hardships and challenges of the desert were endless. They both needed to be strong, in order to pull the group farther. They were both the main shepherds that herded this flock, in a way. As Trever began to realize how much he had learned from Catalina's father, the more he accepted him almost as a father. Yosef sensed this shift in personal intensity and ended up liking the boy. However, he was still suspicious of the newcomer and it was only because of this secret that he still could not fully trust the young man. Yosef was closer to learning of the boy's secret than anyone else, due to this instinct alone.

Regardless, the older man allowed Trever to take his daughter's hand in marriage. Trever and Catalina were wed. For whatever a makeshift wedding in a desert Oasis it was worth anyway. Probably not much if they were to ever leave the desert together, but for the time being, remaining as a unified couple within the group was enough for them. It was about five years after Trever had joined the nomads now. He claimed to be seventeen back then so to all other mortals he was now twenty two. He still looked the appropriate age, but sooner rather than later he would have to do something. He wasn't quite sure what that something was yet. For their wedding night, the two newly weds stayed at the oasis; alone. Both of them had no clue what exactly came next, but for different reasons. One contemplated confessions as the other thought on how to initiate physical intimacy. Believe it or not, it was Trever who wanted to confess. He wanted to desperately tell Catalina what he was. He just didn't know how. And for the time being, he wouldn't be able to. He had a marriage to consummate. Neither of them knew anything of sexual exchanges at the time. But we'll just say they were fast learners~

The morning after was no different than any other day once they met back up with their group. Sure, married life was different. Trever didn't exactly feel alone anymore. But he did feel guilty, having to keep holding off his confessions due to general bad timing. Of course, the timing was just only going to get worse, after Cat's own confession of being with child, after a few months of their marriage. Fair enough, the young dragon saw this coming, but what now? Was something evil growing inside her or would this all just be fine? Trever didn't know the answers for once, and that scared the shit out of him. Without explaining what he was or what half of their child was, the young dragon convinced his wife to run away with him. This life wasn't good for the expectant mother or a growing child. Catalina agreed with this, never thinking her husband had other reasoning for the sudden change in scenery.

The two hiked through the mountains in order to get to the other side of Revera. Trever figured he'd be able to speak to his mother about this. Laying low until he knew his father was gone, Trever walked into the cave where he was born and raised. His mother was sat in front of the fire in her mortal form, so none of this was too strange for his wife just yet. At this point she did have many questions, regarding how he was raised, but would not speak in such a way while being introduced to her husband's mother, who possessed ungodly beauty and youth. Trever explained first that Catalina was his wife and that the two were going to have a baby. But things became very strange to the young woman after that. Elaina became pale and forced her gaze away from the two. This was the reaction Trever was obviously waiting for, but Catalina did not know why. Trever asked his mother what would happen from here on, but she would not answer. His father would be angry if he were to find him here, Elaina only reminded. Trever sighed and went on his way with his confused wife at his heels. On the way out Elaina did say that it was nice meeting Catalina and then hinted that she would be pleased to see her and the baby again. That was her way of saying that both of them would live through this. For that, Trever was relieved.

Catalina bombarded him with nothing but questions once they were away from the cave. The male couldn't lie to her anymore, but he begged for his wife's patience. Trever wanted to be far from these mountains before he started to tell her anything and everything. Things would get way too complicated way too fast. His father could show up and kill them both at any moment or she could even turn against him and turn back for the desert. Trusting her husband for that day or two more worth of travel, the two made it safely down the mountains. Beginning their walk toward society, Trever began to tell her everything. How he was a dragon, and for all this time he was scared for her life. He explained that his mother had more or less validated that she would be safe to carry the child, but his father would never be pleased with this. Elaina would have chatted for longer, but Krios could have come in and killed them all. Trever wouldn't put it passed his coward father to do it either.

Catalina was angry at first, but she didn't make a scene out of it. She respected his secret and his concern. But she told him in all honesty that she just wanted to go back to the desert, if finding out if she would be safe to carry their child was the only task of this whole journey. Trever didn't deny her that request, but he knew for himself that he didn't have a lot of time left to be hanging around in the desert before others caught on to his slow aging. The last thing he wanted to do was leave her, but Trever had to tell her he would have to bring her back and then leave. He didn't want or mean to make such an ultimatum, but that was how it had to be. He couldn't risk anyone else knowing his secret. Catalina understood this as well, but she did not take him up on that option. The two were stuck together. Trever didn't mind this decision at all, however he felt terrible for making her choose between her old way of life and himself. But from then on the two lived happily on the Merchant side of Revera, and nothing else seemed to matter.

Their daughter was born soon after the two had settled into a permanent residence. She was beautiful, with not a monstrous bone in her body. Her name was Lexia. This had gone even better than the young dragon had first expected and now he had two gorgeous girls in his life. The proud father had a seemingly perfect life at this point. He had a wife, a baby, a home, and an honest living to stabilize all of the above. Trever had friends and enemies a like in his neighborhood, but no day was terribly challenging or unpredictable. In his mind, nothing could go wrong. Everything was more or less perfect. Years went by and the young dragon was now roughly forty years old, Catalina about twenty six, and Lexia five. Within these years, another child was born between the two, a boy named Yeric, who would be two at this point.

Trever's life was too beautiful and perfect, so this is the point where shit gets Mary Sue and all fucked up, if I can be so bold and break the fourth wall for a moment. With that, there is a knock on the door one fine evening. Trever is out at work so only his wife and children are in the home. Catalina answers the door and standing there is a familiar, beautiful young woman, standing beside a handsome young man, who appears as a larger and more mature version of Trever. He simply didn't look happy to be there, but the woman greeted her with a smile. Catalina knew exactly who these two were in that moment. She panicked at first, and told the two that their son was not home. This seemed to please the older male as his attention snapped to his son's wife with a big grin. He made a comment on not wanting to see him anyway. Elaina simply sighed and apologized.

She explained to Catalina that there was something they needed to discuss with her privately. Reluctantly, she let the two in and promised they would talk once she checked on her children. The use of the plural form of the word seemed to give both dragons a different form of satisfaction. Catalina couldn't place either expression, but she really thought nothing of it. As she turned her back and went to exit the main room, she faintly heard the male speak. The next thing she knew she was forced to the ground, her final site was her husband's mother turned away, evidently feeling just as guilty as the man who was about to end her life. And that was the end of the poor human woman.

That was all Trever could put together after seeing the mess, interrogating every neighbor, and using his wild imagination. His parents were no where in sight and his children were also gone. All that was left in his home was himself and his dead wife now. No words could explain the way the male felt. Defeated, broken, betrayed, hopeless. This wasn't the first time the male was in a situation of not knowing what to do. There was no way he could simply pursue his parents and right all of this. It was too late to even find his children. Why would they even do this? Because his family jeopardized his coward father's location? His mother would never agree to helping him this way. There was so much more to the story here.

But Trever honestly learned not to care. He just had to move on and live the rest of his life. He was still so young himself. As much as it hurt and as much as he fought himself over it, Trever moved from his broken home, far away from Revera. He would start over. And he would forget about everything. Somehow. It had taken many years, and many women. But Trever got through it. He just couldn't stay in one place for too long, otherwise he would become committed to it and remember his old life. Whenever he got to close to someone or someplace, he would just get up and leave. Life was just simpler that way. And he would live his life this way until now, at the age of seventy five. As unfulfilled as his life may be now, at least he isn't getting other people hurt. Believe it or not, this fact was more important to him than his own selfish desires. As long as his parents wouldn't come and hurt anyone he loved, he would be happy. So if that meant he could not love again, then so be it. It was just the way things had to be now.

``Anything else you'd like to add;;
Besides the fact that he is one hell of a sexy guy?
That is all.

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PostSubject: Re: Trever Valens   Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:28 am

Such a riveting History. Lots of room for plottage. Accepted!

Welcome To Aeternus!

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Trever Valens
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