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PostSubject: Deszeld'lahmrith   Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:41 pm

``Name;; Deszeld'lahmrith
``Nicknames;; Dezzy
``Age;; 135
``Gender;; Male
``Species;; Dragon
``Magic? (Y/N);; N
``Home Country;; Unknown, currently resides in King's Isles
``Sexual Orientation;; Undefined


``What does the Character look like?;;
Dezzy stands at six feet 4 inches tall and is a muscular two hundred and twenty pounds. His skin is tanned from his days at sea and his hair is black and layered to shoulder length; it falls straight with little work, but is often tussled by the constant winds. When his hair is shorter, it tends to take on whatever shape it is mused into. His eyes are a seafoam green, outlined with thick, dark lashes. He sports full lips that are often found fixed into an amused smile.
His body is firm with muscle, though it is no wonder as to why. He is at work constantly on his ship, preferring to pull the lines of the sales alongside his men as opposed to ordering them to do so. He has numerous scars -- it is hard to not be marred by the harsh realities of the Isles -- about his body, with one particularly notable one, though remarkably faded, starting under his left eye, traveling across the bridge of his nose, and falling diagonally down his right check to end at his jaw line. The story of how he received this scar is constantly changing and no one knows quite sure what the truth behind it is.
He has numerous piercings, including two on his left ear and three on his right; three tattoos, one on his back, one on his chest, and one on his right forearm; and often wears numerous bangles about his wrists. He consistently dons a single necklace -- a long, thick chain of silver that holds a crystal pendant. He tends to wear rather loose pants that are bound at the calf beneath his black leather boots, they are cream in color, and a red sash about his hips. He is often shirtless, but when he goes to port he will often wear a white, breezy top with puffy sleeves, tightened at the wrist. His shirt, however, is constantly parted down the middle and never secured shut.

Dezzy is nearing his full adult size and is a massive beast. He is the deep, swirl of green and blue of the sea while his eyes are the dark black of the deepest depths. His wings are a brilliant display of pastel colors, mimicking the variety and beauty of the coral reefs. He sports horns atop his head that bow backwards to follow the curve of his graceful neck; they are the color of the white foam atop of waves. The color of his horns match that of his claws, both front and back. Dezzy also has an intricate pattern on his underbelly that looks like the distorted sky when you peer upwards from below water, it is a lighter blue in color and matches the webbing between his toes.


``Likes;; The ocean, the breeze, the smell of sea spray; swimming; laughter; fish, other seafood, fruits; his boat and his crew; jewels, treasures, golds, artifacts, and other shinies; foreign languages; beautiful things

``Dislikes;; Enclosed spaces, high walls, or other things that make him feel trapped; not having the ocean in sight; the smell that comes with poor air circulation; being too hot or too cold; not having enough to eat; tarnished jewelry

``Strengths;; Dezzy is physically strong to an alarming degree; he has amassed quite a bit of wealth in his 135 years of life; he has his own boat and a loyal crew; he enjoys the challenges of life and the sea; he is a dragon

``Weaknesses;; Dezzy can be seen as "too friendly", especially in the King's Isles; he is exceptionally territorial and doesn't take slights easily; though he tries to control it, Dezzy can be extremely jealous

``Fears;; Losing his freedom, losing his treasures, losing his ship -- in that order

``Secrets;; He tries to keep what he is under wraps, it could make him a target as dragon scales are known to make decent armor and could net anyone a large profit; the location of his lair

``Personality;; What are they like?
Dezzy can be described with many words -- he is jovial, friendly, happy, free, unworried, jealous, possessive, intimidating, vain, envious, and so many others. Dezzy is tumultuous as the sea and can turn on a dime, going from playful to vengeful in an instant. At times he is serene and at times he is in a rage; at times he is joyful and at times he is seething. Despite this, Dezzy is always charming and often draws people in, much like ocean he spends his time traveling. Like the sea, however, there are some people that just don't like him -- whether or not they have been given a reason to.
Dezzy, as a dragon, is naturally possessive and territorial over the things that he believes are his. This includes, but is not limited to, his treasures, his boat, his crew, those he calls his friends, places he visits often, and chairs he likes to sit in. On top of his possessive nature, Dezzy is easily made jealous and is often envious of the things that others have that he does not.
Dezzy loves beautiful things and this includes individuals -- his sexuality is undefined because he is attracted to beauty; men, women, creatures, objects -- his love and the things he is attracted to knows no bounds.

Dezzy does not recall where he was born or where his home was, other than the ocean. He lives and breathes the ocean, refusing to stray further than its shores. He has found himself in many homes from unnamed islands, to the King's Isles, to the wetter side of Revena, to the ports of the numerous kingdoms of Ancore.
He preoccupies himself with traveling the seas, amassing strange, beautiful, and lovely treasures to take back to his lair. His ship acts as his home-away-from-lair (so to speak) and his room aboard the ship is filled with jewels, clothes, jewelry, tapestries, art, artifacts, and trinkets that he has gathered.

``Anything else you'd like to add;;
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PostSubject: Re: Deszeld'lahmrith   Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:48 pm

Accepted! *pets*

I am what dreams and nightmares are made of.  I can offer pleasure or pain, your choice.
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