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 Yarah Maer'drust

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PostSubject: Yarah Maer'drust   Wed Oct 31, 2012 8:09 pm

``Name;; Yarah Maer'drust
``Nicknames;; Maer
``Age;; 130
``Gender;; Female
``Species;; Fae (Unseelie Sidhe); Corrupted
``Magic? (Y/N);; Y; illusion magics
``Home Country;; Cremea Woods
``Sexual Orientation;; Asexual


``What does the Character look like?;;
In her natural state, Yarah stands at five feet eleven inches and weighs approximately one hundred and fifteen pounds; one would think that she would appear emaciated, but her frame is amazingly petite and she sports rather full curves. She appears to be exceptionally frail, but her flawless, pale skin and white hair give her an exotic and hauntingly beautiful appearance. Her eyes are naturally an ice blue.
Yarah, while personally finding no joy in sexual acts, isn't afraid to use her magics to appear more beautiful to those around her. While she dare not mess with such illusions that would attempt to alter how an individual may experience something physically, Yarah often uses her magics to manipulate the color of her eyes in order to make herself appear more intense.
Yarah is particularly fond of flowing silks and sheer materials to wear. The colors she wears is limited, however, to ice blue, blood red, white, purples, and black, or combinations thereof. She also enjoys expensive jewelry, though not common gold -- she much prefers white golds, sapphires, diamonds, and amethysts.
Her hair is extremely long, falling to mid-thigh. It is rarely done up in a fancy way -- she much prefers it flowing or braided. She also wears her nails long and maintains them very well, often tending to them numerous times a day.

When the Corruption is activated, her skin becomes gray and her irises darken to black; extended use of the Corruption furthers her physical appearance in decay as her skin begins to crack and bleed the black blood that comes with the Corruption.


``Likes;; Vengeance, pain/humiliation (inflicting, not receiving and often in very subtle ways), fruits and sweets, being amused, creating uncomfortable situations for those around her, being comfortable, pillows, expensive jewelry and clothing, sarcasm, puzzles

``Dislikes;; Being told she can't have something, humans, fairies, elves, Seelie Sidhe, goody-two-shoes, uninterrupted happiness of others, being bored, sex, being uncomfortable, not being lusted after or paid attention to, appearing weak, being told to "mind her place"/"to be seen and not heard"

``Strengths;; Despite her appearance, Yarah is physically strong (especially once the Corruption is activated); she simply cannot be hurt emotionally; she has no known friends or family that anyone could use against her; her lack of morals and empathy make her difficult to appeal to

``Weaknesses;; her need for comfort, her disdain for most other creatures, the Corruption often leads to unintended messes and a loss of people to call on, her inability to lie and the need to return the favor of gifts

``Fears;; Dying, being left with no physical possessions, the possibility of growing to care for someone

``Secrets;; Her need to return the favor of gifts, the Corruption, her sexuality

``Personality;; What are they like?
Yarah is a cruel woman. She revels in the disappointments, discomforts, humiliation, pain, anguish, and misfortunes of others. She is highly egotistical and thinks extremely well of herself; many others are seen as lesser creatures and she will never admit to having found an equal to herself. She is a creature of physical comfort and enjoys expensive things: clothing, jewelry, foods, wines, relics, artifacts. Yarah is extremely particular, however, and is not afraid to express her disappointment (or outright disgust) in any gifts that she may receive.
The fae woman is also very possessive -- the things she has are her's and the things that you have will be her's one day. When she is told that she can't or shouldn't have something, she will go to whatever lengths is needed to claim it -- whether it be an item or a person. While she dislikes the act of sex and has never found herself to be attracted to another person, regardless of gender or appearance, she will not hesitate to use her beauty and her body to get whatever it is that she wants.

Yarah was born deep in the Cremea Woods. She found herself disinterested in the lives of those around her; traditions, celebrations, and generally living in the area that the fae occupied was just not what she found herself wanting. While there were no swamps in the vicinity of the woods, there were many old cities. It was in an ancient, underground city -- in a tomb that she had discovered there -- where she found herself infected with the Corruption.
Once back among the other fae, it was not long until the Corruption took hold for the first time. She killed two of her siblings over an argument about an item that they each wanted. As their blood dripped from her fingers and stained her clothing, she decided that nothing would get in between her and what she wanted.
She soon left from her home to look for things better suited to her wants and needs. She used anyone she could and anything she had to get to the places she has been and amass the things she now owns.

``Anything else you'd like to add;;
Yarah likes to experience new things and acquire new items. Her travels have taken her to many different lands. Most of her items, including her body slave or "Traveling Companion", were given to her by men or women that she seduced or believed that they seduced her.
She disdains working for things and will almost always take the easiest path.
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Yarah Maer'drust
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