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 Soki Shinozuka

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PostSubject: Soki Shinozuka   Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:02 pm

``Name;; Soki Shinozuka
``Nicknames;; Soki, Shino
``Age;; 977
``Species;; Asura Demon
``Magic? (Y/N);;Y slightly; mostly Illiusionary, though he can control element of fire due to his right arm.
``Home Country;; an island that is now completely deserted of life.
``Sexual Orientation;; Pansexual


``What does the Character look like?;;
He has long Onyx black hair, his left eye a stunning gold and his right eye a cold blood red. His skin is a pale olive tone and he stands tall at six foot seven inches and weighs one hundred and ninety five pounds of well-developed muscles. he appears normal to the eyes, but due to his ancestry his right arm has been cursed by a demon of some sorts as it has been in his family for generations. taking on dragonic like scale form of red with an undertow of glowing blue. Other then that his skin has no faults, and no tattoos either.

-taking care of his sword
-training to master his curse
-long hours of meditation
-complete silence
-the company of friends

-overly sweet foods
-most humans
-being pitied
-snide remarks

-Swordsmanship;;Over the long years of Soki's life he has learned from several different masters from his island, each one teaching him something new in the art of wielding a sword, and each one he mastered over the several centuries of his life.
-inhuman senses;;Do to the nature of his heritage he has incredible senses able to track by smell, or sound and has the eyes of a bird of prey.
-Fire Resistance;; His right arm is fire resistant, and can harness fire as well, allowing him minor control and slight summoning of a flame
-superb tracker;; He has spent many years out in the wilderness trying to learn control over the curse he has been afflicted with, so he has gained the knowledge to hunt and track down his prey when ever he needs too.
-dragon scale arm;; Due to the strength of the scales on his arm, he can use it as a shield against most bladed weaponry.
-agility;; Due to his lean build, but strong muscles he is very agile, with great reflexes, giving him a better chance of getting away if the fight is too much for him
-sensitivity;; Due to his senses being so strong he strong lights, and loud noises can impaire him, and odors can knock him out cold if they're strong enough
-weakness of the curse;; anytime he has to harness any talent that relates to his right arm, (other then using it as a shield) He grows weak quickly, even just a few fireballs and he has to take a few hours to recuperate.
-has limited control over his fire summoning;; He has to be careful on his usage of the curse, due to to much and it can grow out of control, limiting to small fireballs, and light streams of fire
-weakness to magic;; He has a hard time resiting magic of any sort, thanks to his curse, though even though it allows him to use the element of fire, he has limited resistance to any other type of magic because of it.
-losing control of himself to the curse
-disgracing his family in anyway
-giving into the curse for a greater understanding to magic and raw power of demons
-he is slowly starting to rely to heavily on his right arm to defend himself when out numbered
Soki is incredibly loyal to his friends, and family finding it hard to not do what is asked of him, even if it means coming into harms way, but don't let that fool you. If he knows what is going on is wrong he will stand up and let you know, not willing to sacrifice his own morals just to make others happy. He does enjoy making others laugh as well, finding that sometimes humor is the best way to garner a friendship, or to find the right way to a successful mission of any sorts. Though if you happen to see Soki and him not notice you, you will come to find that he carries a heavy burden, and that it is hard sometimes, causing him to quickly anger, or to feel depressed at times, but most of the time you will find a very cheerful and laid-back person.
Soki was raised as a prince by his father, and mother; as it were he truly was one. The Island nation that his parents ruled was his homeland, and as such he was garnered special treatment, though he hated it as such, and would ignore it if he could most of the time hiding who he was just to find friends to play with, as he grew older he began his training swordsmanship, archery, literature, almost everything you needed to survive in the world alone, and his teachings continued for several centuries. about his fifth hundred year war struck the nation, a bitter rivalry had been brewing amongst another equally powerful family on the island, and the citizens were beginning to divide amongst the two great powers. His mother had been assassinated, his siblings poisoned, until all that was left was him, and his father.

Because of the actions taken by the other family his father grew bitter, and vengeful looking for ways to even the score between them, and because that he summoned a demon, a creature that held myths in their culture. The demon granted his father the power, but the price was a curse. He was granted the choice now, to let the arm corrupt his soul and change him, or to learn to control it and use it for good. Then the creature left, and his father choose poorly. Because of how easy it was to use the power, his father began to change, not much at first but soon even Soki could not see the man who use to be his father in the husk that now ruled.

The battles that were raged were horrible, Innocent people being crushed underfoot. rape, pillaging, all of that had become the norm, and because of the curse now upon his father, there was nothing Soki could do to stop it, until one faithful night four hundred years later, when their island was all but a sliver of it's former glory he stood up to his father, challenging the man to a sword-fight, and by a lucky parry and a strong swing; he had cleaved free the head of the man he once called father. Though the curse was not so easily beaten, as the killing blow had landed upon his father's neck a wisping smoke filled the air; smelling of decay, and death; and soon it surrounded Soki choking him, tainting him; till he stood with the same demonic presence on his arm

He left his home soon after that, only gathering the few things he could claim as his, one being his swords; one of the blades, itself long; roughly five and a half foot long the blade thick and single edged, though made of a lightweight metal, it is still sharp and strong. The blade painted with the colors of waves with cherry blossoms flowing along them, The other sword made of a pure red metal, dual edges, travel along the straight blade symbols woven into the blade by his mother, who had blessed the sword to garner strength so the blade never may break under the pressure of another. and his armor, made of cyan colored metal and forged strong and light, pieces of the same metal woven into the clothes he wore, along with his families crest upon his back.

For seventy seven years he traveled, alone learning from other warriors on his island that had been hiding from the conflict, once he felt he had learned all that he could, he marched his way to the location of the other family, bursting into their home, and without a single word he slayed the man who had instigated this entire war; though he did it right in front of the man's family; and with a heavy heart weighted by guilt he fled his home, leaving it behind on a boat, and never has he looked back sense.

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PostSubject: Re: Soki Shinozuka   Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:07 pm


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Soki Shinozuka
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