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PostSubject: Werecreature   Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:09 pm

Werecreatures are the result of either bloodline curse or an infected bite from another werecreature that did not result in death. There are different breeds of werecreatures, the most famous among the northern countries being the werewolf, though werebears and other such creatures have not been unheard of. Werecreatures are most often humans, for other species are either resistant to the disease, or die from the infection. A born werecreature is the result of a curse upon a bloodline, and is transmitted from parent to children. While a bitten werecreature can hope to, in time, control his or her animalistic side, a cursed one will never be able to. Werecreatures are usually hunted upon knowing of their true nature, due to the threat they pose.

Werecreatures have the same life cycle as their original species.

While there are many breeds of werecreatures, they all share the same strengths and weaknesses. A werecreature will be stronger and faster than a normal human, more resistant, yet greatly weakened by silver. In the case of cursed werecreatures, they are even stronger and faster than bitten werecreatures, and to be killed require the use of inherited silver. Werecreatures cannot learn or use magic. If they possessed magic before, all of it is used for their transformation between the two forms.

The causes of transformation into their animal form depend upon the kind of werecreature. A bitten one will transform depending on their mood, typically anger will bring about the transformation, while the cursed werecreature's transformation happens only at a specific time decided by the caster of the curse.
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