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 Morgan Poseidon Kronos

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PostSubject: Morgan Poseidon Kronos   Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:06 pm

``Name;; Morgan Poseidon Kronos
``Nicknames;; She-witch, she-wench, she-beast, she-devil
``Age;; 105
``Gender;; Female
``Species;; Mersiren [merfolk and siren hybrid]
``Magic? (Y/N);; Yes
``Home Country;; Under the sea
``Sexual Orientation;; Pansexual polyamorous


``What does the Character look like?;;

Tall with long obsidian hair the female is very much model-worthy. A fine specimen of hips and breasts upon her hour glass figure, she is mistaken again and again for a woman when in fact she is a sea monster. Her eye mimic the swells of the ocean though in some worlds she must wear an eyepatch. She often dresses professionally and sometimes provocatively. Her fingers and toes are webbed, and as to be expected of an undine she has gills and finned ears. Morgan wears an eyepatch over her left eye.

this inspired her creation


``Likes;; Her brother, wine, seafood, the arts, playing the violin and piano, pears, walnuts, food, sex, water, anything white, lilies, subtle flirting, biting/being bitten, motherhood.

``Dislikes;; You, faeries, animals, cooked food, being restrained or trapped.

``Strengths;; Singing, dancing and underwater intercourse. Anything Mor can do she can do better.

-She can only be out of the water for so long before she becomes deathly ill
-Loves bards or those who can play an instrument well, or sing well

-Someone harming her pups

-Morgan longs for her equal

``Personality;; You might call me elusive, proud, embraced, tainted, ample, wary, forlorn, ravenous, because I'm a fish out of water. Stubborn and strong willed, I will do all in my power to survive. I hunt and devour whatever or whomever. Although I abide by my own code. Never are those who would give pause to judge me are to be scorned, aside from all the rest whom decide I am nothing more than a sea monster. Eat or be eaten. Those to wrong me in anyway will feel my wrath. The sea itself, aside from reflecting in my eye, reflects my personality. Strong, abundant, serene...although the kraken still lurks somewhere in the depths. I'm tactful, orderly in all that I do...apathetic, merciless. I serve none but myself now. My days are best spent singing and exploring, studying ships...those vessels that I so jealously watch day after day, lurking over my head. Never do I linger too closely for the stench of humans is akin to a repellent. Although half of my ilk would say otherwise...I fear to join in such a state of mind, therefore I avoid many lest my curiosity urges myself otherwise. I have an innate distaste for any being not ocean born.

``History;; Looking back, I see nothing. A huntress never has a past, only her present day and possibility of survival for the future. I never kiss and tell like Morwen. For I would never kiss the likes of you nor tell your wretched soul anything beyond worth knowing. I was once a pirate captain to an ivory ship, The Seraphim. She was gorgeous, making snow seem grey...the crew...I loved them all so dearly. After reigning the snowy hull for six years, my title was stripped and I fled to the waves just last year. All in the wake of my brother leaving the ship after our misunderstanding. Over the course of that year, stresses placed upon me have forced me to speak in third person unless I'm comfortable with the addressed individual. I've been roaming the waters as an unsung savior to sinking vessels. The only rewards I reap are offerings left by local superstitious villages, but this only happens once every two months. If I'm not rescuing those foolish ships, I'm attacking them for being too far out into the ocean. And thusly for being too far within my territory. Now I seek out my brother, to return him to the sea and to form our own mingled pod of sirens and merfolk along the way. You can say I've become feral, with my cravings...but I'll heed no such warning from the likes of you.

``Anything else you'd like to add;; Seafoam #4E8975. Morgan has three pups.

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PostSubject: Re: Morgan Poseidon Kronos   Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:36 pm


I am what dreams and nightmares are made of.  I can offer pleasure or pain, your choice.
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Morgan Poseidon Kronos
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