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PostSubject: Fae   Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:03 am

The Fae are in many ways akin to the Elves in apperance, though their ears tend to be less pointy. They both possess the grace unattainable by normal humans, though the Fae in general appear frailer than humans and even elves. Cold iron also burns them, with normal iron weakening them greatly. They may not speak outright lies and, when given a gift, must give one in return. A Fae is immortal and is usually natural with illusions. A Fae breeding with another species will result in a half-breed that does not possess his parent's race immortality (unless a fae breeds with an elf), but will live from two to three times as long as his non-fae parent species, and only part of the parent's unnatural grace and beauty. Half-breeds will however keep the fae's natural aptitude with illusion magics, while being immune to the effects of iron. Cold iron weakens them, but does not cause direct harm.

Life Cycle: Birth
From 0 to 25 - Childhood
From 25 to 90 - Adolescence
From 90 and up - Adulthood

The Fae are divided into three breeds. Wyldfae is the most common breed, a Fae as described above with no official allegiance to either of the two main Courts of Fae. Their personalities and appearances thus vary greatly. The remaining two are one large family of Fae, named Sidhe, who are most often considered to be the lords and ladies of Fae society. The Sidhe from both courts are schemers who are glad to use others to accomplish their goals, no matter if their motivations are good or ill.

Seelie Sidhe: These Fae are part of the Summer Court, and hold honour and virtue in high esteem. They are typically seen as the "Good" fae, but such characterization is very much uncertain when the Sidhe are concerned. Seelie Sidhe typically have golden blond hair and pale skin, with an honour-bound personality.

Unseelie Sidhe: They are the fae of the Winter Court, the "Evil" fae. Unseelie Sidhe lack the moral restrictions of their Seelie brethren, as ruthless and merciless as the winter they represent. Those Sidhe usually have white hair and very pale skin.
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