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Aeternus is a medieval RP forum with an in depth and complex fantasy setting.
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 Victory & Valour | ➸ a medieval fantasy rpg

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PostSubject: Victory & Valour | ➸ a medieval fantasy rpg   Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:28 pm


Victory over their oppression had been the highest of honors that the human race had ever achieved. After being released from the turbulent and terrible rule of their former King, the humans fought back against the elves and the orcs that had overtaken their beloved land of Lockwood when their King had all but abandoned himself to greed. The Four Houses were formed, each a reflection of the nature in which magic had taken form with their kind.

The Ignire Harena. The house of fire and sand.
The Bellus Mors. The house of death and macabre.
The Vita Sanguis. The house of life and blood.
The Ferrum Fumus. The house of steel and steam.

Despite harsh divisions that have formed in the 300 years since the houses formed, together they continue to defend their home land, working together to prevent the slaughter of their kind by races who think of themselves superior in might and in magic. The humans survive, fighting for constant victory and the valour gained in the defense of the people.

Victory and Valour is a medieval inspired RPG. We are an original, intermediate message board role play that takes inspiration from such games as World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons. Victory and Valour is looking for people interested in player driven and character based stories. Click the above tabs to take advantage of the quick links to get a scope of what we're all about. We allow originals and also have a list of canon families available.
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Victory & Valour | ➸ a medieval fantasy rpg
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