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 The Republic of Luxur

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PostSubject: The Republic of Luxur   Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:24 pm

Geography: The Republic itself can be found South-east of the giant Imperium, though not sharing any borders with it. The Republic of Luxur's cities all share a temperate to warm yearly weather. Its territory is composed in great majority of grasslands and some woodlands, with a few hills here and there. Luxur is at the center of the Republic, with Bavoine to the North, Yertz to the South, Pax to the West and Leros to the East.

Bavoine is found at the edge of the great forests of the North, and as such is a great exporter of wood and meat, for hunting is plentiful in the forests. While part of the Republic, Bavoine is still proud of its independent roots and has yet to be completely assimilated. They know of the importance of their link with Luxur, however, and most of the population view the idea of independence unfavourably.

Yertz is an agricultural city, its farms producing great quantities of food for the city itself and the rest of the Republic of Luxur. Along with the city of Pax, it was assimilated peacefully into the Republic. A great supporter of the Republic and the Senate, Yertz is greatly involved in politics.

Pax is a major trade city, situated on the roads that lead to the Imperium, an unavoidable in commerce. Like Yertz, it was assimilated peacefully within the Republic, and is a strong supporter of the Senate and its system. It is from Pax that all the Republic's goods are exported, and where imported ones arrive. Pax is situated on a branch of the Caernevian River.

Leros was, before its inclusion in the Republic, a strong military city-state. It was, however, defeated by the Republic's forces and its soldiers were in turn included in the Senate's Army. Previously ruled by a King, Leros desires the return of monarchy and its politicians often clash against the more democratic oriented. Leros is situated among the few hills found in the Republic's territory.

Economy: The Republic of Luxur's economy is varied, though it lacks the natural ressources typically found within mines. As such it depends on trading heavily to gather a good supply of iron and other minerals, it's main trade partner being the Ancore Imperium. The Republic attempts to be as self sufficient as possible, and trade what it does not need.

Society: The Republic is ruled by the Senate, a gathering of men who decide on what path the Republic as a whole should take. It is the Senate that nominates the three Consuls who act as the leaders of its armies, along with other officials in charge of the different aspects of Republican life. The Senate, while democratic in theory, is usually the place for the rich and powerful to make their dealings, with corruption being very common and an integral part of political life. The Senate is divided among two groups; the Republicans who would see the ideals of the Republic stand, and the Royalists, who would prefer the Republic to be transformed into a Kingdom. The Royalists are greatly inferior in numbers, with the almost totality originating from the city of Leros.

The Senate's Army, while led as a whole by the two Consuls, are otherwise led by generals under the Consuls' orders. Each city is responsible to maintain and equip its own City Watch, who also has the duty to enforce the laws of the Republic. Judges, nominated by the Senate, are to decide of the fate of the accused, who have the right to be represented by another.
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The Republic of Luxur
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