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PostSubject: Demon   Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:13 pm

A demon is a being created from pain and misfortune. When a tragedy occurs, the negative energy released opens a rift to the netherworld, allowing a demon spirit to find it's way through and become incarnated in a pregnant woman's womb. The demon wipes the consciousness of the unborn child and takes the place. Because of the reincarnation process, the demon will have no memory of it's past experiences and will be raised by the parents.

A demon is granted immortal life, and the ability to transform into the form of their demon spirit. A snake demon will transform into a snake.

They are stronger than their species, the live longer than their species, and they are incapable of bearing children.
They are incapable of crossing running water, and have a weakness for magical items or residue.

A demon before they escape the Netherworld, they are predators of the area. The demon's themselves have about the same intellectual level of a wolf and they hunt in packs. If they catch a necromancer or a straying spirit within their sights, they will rip them to shreds and devour them.

Once they enter the child, live a full life, and die, they will return to the Netherworld with all the experiences given to them. This makes them into even more deadly predators of the realm. Once they have reached this state, they can be summoned by powerful magic in order to be offered a pact. The summoner can merge with the demon to give another life to him, and the demon will take the spirit of the summoner with them once the summoner dies.

In a merged relationship, both personalities are within the body and when the demon returns to the netherworld, the summoner is allowed to become part of the Demon's own spirit.
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