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 Vathaut Laermor Koroder

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PostSubject: Vathaut Laermor Koroder   Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:13 am

``Name;; Vathaut Laermor Koroder
``Nicknames;; N/A
``Age;; 666
``Gender;; Male
``Species;; Incubus
``Magic? (Y/N);; Y
``Home Country;; Underworld
``Sexual Orientation;; Bisexual; heavy preference for females


``What does the Character look like?;;

This impressive young demon stands at a solid muscular build of 6'3". His body is wrapped in ivory flesh, firm and taut along his form. Each thigh is normally riddled with criss-crossed golden chains that cover over down to his milky calves, ending on his spartan sandals. Vathaut's gaze seems to be the smoldering embers of an inferno, enthralled with whomever he just so happens to stare luridly at. Either iris is barely visible but holds a chrome tinge. A pair of horns sit atop the demon's head, brandishing the infernal blood running in his veins. These horns are very sensitive and he takes very good care of them just as he does the rest of himself. He has a pair of draconic wings with stormy membrane and black ribs. These wings are tattooed with vile runes and names of greater foes he's fallen. Long, black hair hangs down his back where a long, spaded devil's tail writhes and flicks in annoyance. His usual choice of garb is a long, sweeping chiton that clasped with a gold ring on one shoulder, a gold ribbon cinched at the waist which pools around his bare feet and their painted toenails. Vathaut's wrists, ankles, horns, wings and neck are also been decorated with gold.


-"slice of life" types
-spoiling his thralls

-being woken up
-big egos, there is only room for his!
-wood elves, damn hippies

-demon rallying

-his child
-hearing singing

-Angels, their aura easily renders him submissive

-He is not entirely evil
-Loves hearing the milk maidens sing in the morning

``Personality;; A demented being with criminal intent, Vathaut is an arrogant bastard. He knows of consequences but rarely heeds them. His only 'good' trait is that he won't trick anyone. Though he usually will betray them in the end or try to hurt them. The imp is sometimes quiet yet sometimes loud. It honestly depends on the situation and his mood. Being so young he hasn't quite grasped where he stands in life, but he knows what he wants and how to obtain it. Vathaut is a sexual being and is more likely to try and lure someone into his arms for a quick hug, needing that contact. He greatly enjoys stealing kisses and confusing most about their sexuality. Vathaut doesn't believe in true love however. Only the animal urge for sex. This doesn't mean he'll flirt with anyone, he's actually quite selective about whomever catches his fancy.

Stubborn and haughty the hellborn seed will do all in his power to infuriate or arouse at least a single person within his line of sight. Even if he fails at irking someone he'll only saunter after them to find all of their buttons.

``History;; His father had never stuck around for very long. Just long enough to give Vathaut a glimpse and a taste of the world of hell before disappearing. Vathaut had wanted to learn so much from his father. Abandoned, he grew bitter and needing attention. Such attention ranged with his age. As a child he innocently threw tantrums and whined for things until he got them. Once he got older in his teenaged years, he shunned his mother entirely and never cared much that she simply wasn't home one day. Vathaut had a grand party that night in celebration and rocked many beds into the wall. At the young age of sixteen he joined Hell's army, free of his mother's pleas for him to stay home on Earth with her. Vathaut trained with a zealous manner, studying history of past war conflicts and battle strategies. He became obsessed. Aside from his need to feed and breed he was always out training his body.

And it certainly paid off. Vathaut fought his way to the top, but whenever fighting was no option he would hop into bed with whomever he needed to surpass and thusly poison them with a toxic he had ingested but would not affect himself, but only the one getting it. Around his twenty-first year of living he ran into Riva. And he's vowed to slay the woman ever since or at least have some sort of victory over her. It's still unclear as to what exactly happened. It could've been important, such as maybe the necromancress slew someone who was actually close to the demon, or something simple in being Vathaut's tail was treaded upon.

``Anything else you'd like to add;;
Vathaut is on a mission to reclaim the child born from Finch after he raped her. He also plans on ensnaring the gentle girl, Fayte.

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PostSubject: Re: Vathaut Laermor Koroder   Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:45 pm

Being immortal doesn't mean he doesn't have an age. Shayd is Immortal but I have him at 600 years. GIve us an idea of how long he's been around. Since the beginning of time?
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PostSubject: Re: Vathaut Laermor Koroder   Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:53 pm

Will do, just always hated adding a number to an immortal so I tend to avoid it~
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PostSubject: Re: Vathaut Laermor Koroder   

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Vathaut Laermor Koroder
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