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 Cassius Dareth Rule [Cash]

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PostSubject: Cassius Dareth Rule [Cash]   Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:58 am

``Name;; Cassius Dareth Rulen
``Nicknames;; Cash
``Age;; 26
``Gender;; Male
``Species;; Wood elf
``Magic? (Y/N);; Y
``Home Country;; Hylia
``Sexual Orientation;; Bisexual


``What does the Character look like?;;

6'1" ft with an athletic build and long, blonde hair. Cash never wears footwear if he can help it and almost always has a scowl on his face, being so cranky all the time. Cash prefers simple clothing, but most of all his signature trousers and open jacket. He doesn't much care to have his chest nor abdomen covered for personal reasons. Cash will never wear footwear unless he's in a snowy area or a hot, arid place. Both of which he hopes to never be. Cash has a horse tattoo on his left shoulder and pawprints tattooed on both of his feet.



-disrupted schedules
-Blysse being so damned friendly all the time

-magic;; learned from his father, Cash knows wild magic that helps to soothe and communicate with creatures. He cannot control creatures in any way nor summon them. Currently studying and experimenting with other schools of magic.
-herbs;; knowledgeable with a variety of herbs/plants. His father and older sister taught him how to make minor poisons and potions as well as what is edible or can cure everyday ailments.
-unarmed combat;; days of roughing with his two older brothers made him tough. They went to serve in the Hylian army and would teach Cash what they learned in their training.
-archery;; he was learning from his sister at the age of nineteen and still has much to learn of it, but he tries. Carries a black longbow and owl-feathered arrows (his sister uses them so he does as well if not begrudgingly) in a quiver on him.

-his sister
-women in need of help [bat those eyelashes ladies and you have him wrapped around your finger]

Someone could easily threaten him with an animal's life. Cash has always been much more attached to creatures than people, meaning he isn't of any use in a social setting. At all. Cash also has no idea how to properly care for a humanoid child and will often shirk any duty relating to children if and when possible. If there's bad news Cash won't sugar coat it. He never sugar coats anything he says, although he has an insatiable desire for anything sugary.

-being bitten by a werecreature
-his sister getting hunted

-is a virgin

``Personality;; Misanthrope, blunt, prone to melting/awe around animals, easily shaken by opposite sex, prudish, studious, hard working, determined, disciplined.

``History;; Born in Hylia, Cash grew up in a simple family with a not so simple lifestyle. His father was a well known beast ranger and did all he could to better a relationship between someone and their pet or ranch animals. Things were tough once Mirda (Cash's mum) died giving birth to him. She handled most of their clients, being easy to get along with unlike her calloused but loving (towards family and critters) husband. As the youngest in the family Cash was lavished upon by his father but scorned and bullied by his older brothers whom blamed him for "murdering" Mirda up until Cash was a teen. Meanwhile his kind hearted sister, Blysse, the middle child, would be the one to love on Cash and dry her baby brother's tears.

As the years went on his older brothers, Cassidy and Cathall, signed up as guards before being enlisted into the army. Their father was none too pleased about this (namely that they showed no interest in the family business) and disowned the older brothers from that day on. Cash was eighteen at the time and has not heard from his brothers since. A day after his brothers left for good he was out collecting edible herbs in Hyrule Field when he heard a distressed whimpering. Cash pushed through a thick tuft of tall grass to find a fluffy puppy with its hind leg stuck in the split of a log. He took it home (not the first time he's brought something!) and had his father check it. No major injuries, just a hungry belly and a big heart full of love. Cash usually sold off the animals he found if they could be domesticated but instead found himself with a partner for life named Bear. Sometime down the road he gained another friend, Dex, after scorning some children for picking on the lanky, homeless dog.

Just last year his father began to make trips to Termina for business in hopes of spreading his name. They remained in the Stockpot Inn during these month long visits. One morning when Blysse brought home a hare to make a roast for herself and her father, Cash exploded on her. He was sick of her bringing in meat, knowing she had hunted down and skinned an innocent animal. Blysse (a rather fragile girl) rode off that morning with her white stag, to return to Hylia, hurt by her brother's accusations. That night Logan's men overtook Clocktown. After losing his father Cash was left for dead after a rough skirmish on the outskirts of town. His dogs were wounded as well but refused to leave his body, bristled and snarling at any who drew too near. Once Cash was conscious enough to ease his dogs to stand down he accepted help from a stranger...and was surprised to find it was his sister, Blysse. The two have since reconciled with one another and travel together.

``Anything else you'd like to add;;
Cash typically has three dogs and a small deer following him

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Cassius Dareth Rule [Cash]
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