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 Finch Krieg Durchauss

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PostSubject: Finch Krieg Durchauss   Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:41 pm

``Name;; Finch Krieg Durchauss
``Nicknames;; Fortuna, Pestilence, Pest
``Age;; 27
``Gender;; Female
``Species;; Human (cursed)
``Magic? (Y/N);; No
``Home Country;; Shayz'renth [destroyed]
``Sexual Orientation;; In denial of having one


``What does the Character look like?;;

Chestnut hair with dark auburn highlights grace her left shoulder as the right half of her scalp has the hair cropped to line over her ear. Her hair covers her upper back and reaches to about the ends of her shoulder blade, any length that falls on her shoulder reaches midway her upper arm, and perches over the top of her left pectoral as it curtains over the left half of a solemn face. Finch's limber form stands at five feet and three inches. Of small build she has little to no feminine curves and can often be passed off as an effeminate male given the right clothing. Her complexion is normal, bordering more on the tanned side, as she spends an equal amount of time in the dark as well as the light. Dark emerald eyes always disregard gazes as the woman roams through a common road. Her boots provide sufficient light armoring so they remain on her feet whenever she latches on her studded leather armor which is just as heavily belted as her boots are. She is often covered in a fine film of filth/grime and seems to enjoy such. From the joys of motherhood she has gained little weight, having kept it off as soon as the child was born.


-being up high
-drinking and dancing
-shiny things
-mocking guards
-the colors blue and white

-most humans

-thinks on her feet
-getting into places others would not want her to be
-handling Himmel and most animals
-silver tongue

-issue with authority
-irrational fear of fish
-fearful of magic
-physically weak, would lose quickly in unarmed combat
-fearful of the concept of vampires and werewolves

-her child, Himmel and Freya coming to harm

Finch is terrified to fall in love after seeing what it did to her parents. She also knows it will mean her ending if great harm befalls her son or Himmel. Or even Freya.

``Personality;; Very greedy, the rogue's loyalty is easily swayed by gold and treasures, but this is never coordinated with family or dear friends. Uneducated but by no means unintelligent. Being a silver-tongued person she is more than capable of shirking hazardous situations as well as rolling with the punches. She is rather isolated around her own kind and elves due to them with innate 'perfection'. Finch hardly spares time or undivided attention to strangers and becomes enthralled whenever a tomb or hidden wealth is mentioned.

With an insatiable curiosity she gets where people don't want anyone to enter, worms her way into her friends' business, she's also the first one to get to the prize. Deciphering codes and undoing traps are entertainment for the rogue, being with a dawrven family has receded most humor, and orc friends have taught her brutal methods of battle. Her curse causes her much grief and brooding at times so it isn't uncommon to find her coveting a bottle of ale, or mead. Finch will challenge anything that moves when she's drunk. Conversely if she has any feelings towards another, which will otherwise never be openly shown, she'll get cuddly. Or blatantly make an attempt to get into their pants.

At first glance Finch Krieg Durchauss is nothing more than an acrobatic rogue. Should anyone do a double take there is a slim chance they'll find much else within her as she shows little else.

Once upon a time a cunning fox of a man happened upon a stash of gold. He would be rich, or so he thought until the owner of the gold, a wicked barbarian Nord woman, caught him. Ursina lobbed off his left hand with her ax before tossing him into a cage to feed to her grizzly cubs. Crow, the rogue, used his beguiling charm and fancy footwork to convince the barbarian to release him. So impressed with the well groomed man she grabbed him by his hair, tossed him into her tent for that night, then let him go in the morning. A year after parting ways they found each other again but Ursina this time with a baby girl. Finding each other at an abandoned temple they argued briefly before settling on an agreement for the child. She would spend a month with either parent in their home environment. Finch gained the best and worst of both worlds. As a child she was subject to violent fits which her mother taught her to handle physically while her horrified father would attempt to tame her. It took a few years until the girl could learn how to act in which sort of situation. If silenced she usually went off to sulk and stew until calm.

Her visits to her mother stopped when she was seventeen, shortly after being assaulted by a male a second time, this time being taken advantage of by a vampire who sucked her mother dry once Ursina reacted to Finch's distressed cries. Finch remained in the city with her father and enhanced her meager skills. Pocket picking, the art of conning, silver tongued language, poison mixing, and how to wield a blade as well as the body. Not that Crow encouraged her to bed anyone. In fact Finch is known for not bedding anyone and instead killing them while they undress. She never quite got the knack for throwing knives and doesn't enjoy attempting such.

Criminally speaking she has various counts of theft, sabotage, kidnapping, harassment and murder, none of which she is willing to describe in detail. Finch is afflicted with a grave curse as well as the hauntings of her rapes and betrayals. Her son was born from a rape when she sacrificed her body to the incubus Vathaut in order to preserve the life of a young girl, Fayte, Sig's daughter. After dropping Fayte off Finch had disappeared, ashamed of the rape and of birthing a child from an incubus as well as feeling like it was a sign of weakness to use up a djinn wish for Xala and Dante to be able to mate. Since then her journies were scattered and hidden, she collected a new companion, Freya, and now seeks to integrate herself with her old connections.

``Anything else you'd like to add;;

Finch's quote: "The hydra's heads with you, sir, it's gold!"
"Oh damn and blast..."
"Capital." [usually said with sarcasm]

A gryphon named Himmel was her first "big heist". With a full ruff of vibrant hummingbird-green feathers encircling his neck, identical dark orange blotches drip from the neck feathers to grace a puffy throat. His base feathers are dark blue with his underbelly being the same shade of orange as his throat markings. Lining the feathers of his wings and tail is a dull bronze hue. Vibrantly based colors aside another royal bloodline trait are his crest of feathers atop his head much like a cockatiel will have, the tips of the feathers are bronze. The gryphon's tail is not a lion's but more so a bird's as are all four legs. As prehistoric bird tails had longer feathers in the middle section so does his and it will fan out when Himmel becomes excited or threatened, the longest feathers being three feet long; kept short for a safer chance in battle/chase.

On both sides of the tail, when in full display, are bright red ovals to imitate giant eyes. His nares, talons and eyelids are sky blue, his perceptive eyes being a blazing peridot color. Himmel is roughly the size of a draft horse, standing at several feet with a powerful build, so he's well suited for heavy battle as well as a large carrying tolerance. Majestic wings reaching an impressive twenty foot wingspan he enjoys soaring with his rider for hours on end. He has a black horned saddle and bridle, his bit being made from strong dwarven steel so his mighty beak won't snap it. Two large saddlebags hang behind his wings. His coloring makes it easy to hide during the night, in shadows or heavily forested areas. Out in an open field, over sandy dunes or during the day it's all too easy to see the vibrant gryphon.

Himmel is stolen merchandise. The dwarves are notorious for their flawlessly crafted metals and jewelry. They're little known for their love of selective breeding of the gryphons within their mountains. A very special breed, the peacock gryphon, is bred specifically for royalty to ride only. And of course, rogue that she is, Finch Krieg Durchauss had decided that she would like to have one of the forbidden mounts. A creature both adapted to land and the air. What more could one desire in a potential animal companion? And so she had packed a few supplies and weaseled her way into the dwarven mountains, making friends with the few dwarves who would speak to her. The silver tongued lady soon found herself rubbing elbows with a noble dwarf.

For a year she had remained with the dwarves. One night she was invited by the dwarven noble to a royal ball. The noble paid to have a dress tailored for her, as a human she's taller than dwarves, and Finch dolled herself up. At the party she danced and sang. And inevitably got her noble host drunk. While the king had been giving some speech she had slipped out for some fresh air. Really she was aiming to go to the aviary housing the gryphons. There she reached the nest of hatchlings recently weaned from their mothers and ready to be bonded with a rider. Experienced with beasts she waited until one fledgling awoke to investigate her. Moving quickly she offered it fresh meat before coaxing it to follow her. Himmel was the size of a pony then and was barely able to carry her, but that night marked the beginning of an indestructible bond between mount and rider.

Beyond Himmel she has various counts of theft, sabotage, kidnapping, harassment and murder, none of which she is willing to describe in detail.

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PostSubject: Re: Finch Krieg Durchauss   Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:15 pm

*Squeeeee* Its a Finch!!!! She is Accepted!!!
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Finch Krieg Durchauss
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