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PostSubject: Dwarf   Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:02 pm

Dwarves are a hearty people who love their ale, their metal works, and their privacy.

They are highly mistrusting of anyone who isn't a dwarf, and find any insult to their people as highly provocative that usually ends in a fight. They are among the land's finest metal workers, and can hold liquor that would poison lesser beings.

A dwarf stands between 4-5 feet and the men normally have rather impressive beards.

0-15 Birth to adolescence
16-150 adulthood
151-200 elderly
201-210 death

Dwarves are rarely seen outside of their mountain area, but occasionally one will be born to be a champion of the people and sent out to fight in war, or find a monster and slay them. If a child shows a large interest in travelling, as few do, they will be outfitted and allowed to throw their lot with the surface dwellers.
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