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PostSubject: Elves   Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:31 am

The race of Elves is an old race that has evolved with time into different breeds. Their personalities vary greatly, with some appearing to be cold and distant compared to humans, while others express their emotions freely. Always, however, do elves keep a more long-term point of view than any of the shorter-lived races. Elves are recognized easily by their pointed ears and typical graceful features. Immortals, they however breed very slowly and conflict can easily see this proud race suffer heavily.

Life Cycle: Birth
From 0 to 25 - Childhood
From 25 to 90 - Adolescence
From 90 and up - Adulthood

Elves older than a thousand years are rare, as most choose to move on after reaching such a venerable age. They enter a deep slumber from which it is nearly impossible to wake them, and eventually fade away.

Among the elves are different breeds that vary greatly in not only physical appearance but also way of living.

Gray Elves - They are the tallest and fairest of Elves, incredibly arrogant even by elven standards. They value magic above all things and are usually encountered within the moutnains of their homeland. Their cities are hidden behind mighty illusions, and thus finding them is usually a very hard task unless one meets a Gray Elf upon their travels. Gray Elves are pale and usually have hair of either silver, white or gray.

Deep Elves - Black skinned and white haired, those elves typically live underground and have mastered the ways of forging and metalcrafting. They are less focused on magic than the Gray Elves and tend to value technology more so than magic. They are smaller than the Gray Elves, yet taller than the Forest Elves.

Forest Elves - Those elves are the closest to human lands and are most often met. They have a special relationship with forests and nature in general, great hunters and trackers, with an affinity with the beasts of the land. They are the smallest breed of the elves, the height average found around five feet and five inches.

Half-elves are not unheard of, with the elf-human hybrids being the most common types. Such individuals have certain characteristics of each parent, though their ears are usually only slightly sharp, and they tend to live from two to three times as long as the non-elf parent.
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